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Who we are?

is well established Defense and Security Services and Products Company based in Bolivia.

Company has obtained all relevant commercial and services licenses and has met all the criteria and qualifications under law to provide defense, security and safety products and services (Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD) in all aspects of the security and defense industry, worldwide.

What we do?

We keep in contact with certified affiliated companies and business partners globally in order we serve our clients worldwide with accuracy and accountability.

The challenge of our Group is continuously render an outstanding service to its client base. Indeed, as a corporate catalyst, ARMADURA is able to optimize synergies within the Group of our business and strategic partners and to capitalize on the strength and size of all of our International affiliated Companies and co-operators in order to support each subsidiary marketing and strategic approach on specific markets. 

Through and with our national and international network and partners, you can find business opportunities in anything related to your safety and security.

- EOD Products & equipment
- Military, Police & Special Forces Equipment
- Industrial Applications
- Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Products
- Communication Systems & Equipment
- Commercial, Personal, Property & Executive Protection Systems & Services
- Land & Maritime Security & Safety Services
- Land & Maritime Security Equipment and Firearms
- Security & Protection Training (Special Courses)
- Security Consulting Services
- High Technology Security & Defense products/equipment
- Satellite Surveillance and Earth Observation Systems

How we do it?

We officially trade and full support a wide range of defense products and equipment.

As a Registered Firearms Dealers(RFD) and legal licensed supplier of defense products, ARMADURA contractually represents and cooperate in close with a wide range of well known and well established International Defense Manufacturers providing a large range of strategic added value products and services in all respective fields within the scope of Company’s business and policy.

Our Management Team consists of High-Rank Former Officers of the Hellenic Army and Navy, having high Academic & Professional Education, as well as proven long-track experience in the field of Operations (Army, Navy and Special Forces), while some of them are duly qualified/certified NATO "Train the Trainers” Instructors. Additionally, our team is also enhanced with business people specialized in Industrial Construction and Innovative Technologies Specialists.
We are a Defense and Advanced Security Technologies trading Company with worldwide  interests, working and complying with the highest market standards.

Company is providing the quality expected from  a successful establish defense and  security provider.

Our philosophy is to fully protect your life, your business and your property through a range of innovative and quality technologies, systems, services, knowledge and skilled personnel.

We pride ourselves on years of experience and excellent customer service as we were established by expertise members of the International Defense and Safety industry.

We deliver WHATEVER you need, WHEREVER you need it, WHENEVER you request it, with safety and accuracy at the best market prices and under the safest conditions!

ARMADURA is fully supported from INTERNATIONAL ARMOUR Group of Companies
We are your LATIN AMERICA Defense and Security Strategic partner
We, INTERNATIONAL ARMOUR and affiliated companies, hereby like to inform our clients and our business partners that from May 01, 2020, our company and all our partners have totally withdrawn their cooperation and they have totally closed down all their Business relationships with the Private Bolivian Company named ARMADURA SRL which was fully supported by our group since its establishment on 2019.

The main reasons of our withdrawal were the contradictions and the incongruities with the said company on the ethics and the policy of our Company and our group towards the International method and policy of the "Defense Business" sector.

All relevant agreements, representation letters, agency letters, etc that have been issued in the name of the said company and/or company's representatives from our group (INTERNATIONAL ARMOUR, AVERSA LTD, FENIX GLOBAL, etc Companies), have been totally returned to null and void without any validity.

For any further information or clarification please contact us.
Ovidio Barbery Avenue Condominium "La Colina" # 16 Santa Cruz - Bolivia
T: +591 33318199 - WhatsApp +591 78184166 - E:  info@armadura-srl.com
It's not what we do!
It's HOW we do it!
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Copyright ARMDADURA SRL, All rights reserved
UNGM 657003
Security & Safety

By investing in the right equipment and the right technology together to the right experienced personnel we keep all the time your business, your assets, your family your personality and your life safe and secure.
Tactical equipment/accessories

As an international well established Defense and Security firm we are offering innovative concepts in national defense and private security solutions and policies with analytical expertise in a wide range of weapon systems for air, sea, and land based applications.
Security Equipment & Firearms

We provide innovative solutions and a wide range of weaponry, offering all necessary armory for your safety. 
We are totally complying with all regulations of defense industry and we have been at the forefront of working with industry bodies to achieve this.
Maritime Security Consultants

In full cooperation with more than 10 professional PMSCs and +1000 defense full kits and hundreds of experience personnel at sea we are not just another Security Company Consultants in shipping industry!  We are your defense strategic partner that ensures your property and your crew safety.
High Tech Security Systems

We supply and we full support defense and security high technology systems for your safety. We supply Drones and UAVs, De-Drone solutions, defense, security and safety technology, biometric systems, EOD / IED products and many other.

Special training and tactical training in firearms, VIP protection and executive protection, Tactical drills, Self defense, hand to hand combat, maritime and land security tactics, counter terrorism / counter-piracy and many other.

ARMADURA and the Group is providing innovative solutions in a wide range of defense and security needs offering all necessary equipment and training needed for your defrense, security and safety.

We are totally complying with all regulations of defense and security industry and we have been at the forefront of working with governments and industry bodies to achieve this. 

Our business culture and cautious yet thorough approach to the provision of security leads to a clear ethos of professionalism, Integrity and respect.